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This is a unique opportunity to purchase great wines that are in demand and valuable for the best price. Invest in the exclusive wine bottles with stable income.


Each NFT released corresponds to the number of bottles. We offer a limited number of NFTs for each individual product. We are pleased to offer safe and proven access to investments.


All releases are sold directly from the winery, this guarantees the lowest price at the beginning of sales, as well as the quality of the wine and its provenance. We offer only our quota of bottles, which is provided to us by the winery.

Make your own Wine Portfolio

Let us tell you everything you need to know about collecting wine. Simple and affordable about major benefits and amenities!

Investing in fine wine is a unique way to create your own collection. Starting by buying En Primeur wines, this is a great foundation to start, even if you are not a fan of wine.

An deflation asset, where consumption creates an increasing natural supply-demand imbalance.
The collection of bottles is possible in any budget in terms of the total investment and the cost of a single bottle. Possibility to choose a variety of wines: Your wine portfolio should include a variety of wines, including reds, whites and sparkling wines.
Also the ability of adding wines from different regions and grape varieties.

Flexibility in choosing investment objects – this is always a successful investment.
Good wine has aging potential, the wine will mature and develop over time. This is an additional plus to the price in the future. Our experts select the most optimal investment positions, you need to make a choice and don’t forget about proper storage.

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The opening En Primeur price is almost always considerably cheaper than the future price of the wine on the open market.

Yes, NFT (smart contract) will be proof of your ownership.

En Primeur standard investment commitments range from 1 to 3 years. But thanks to the NFT, you can sell, donate your assets at any time.

We will remain responsible for insuring your wine at the original invoice value until the wines are delivered to you.

Your wines can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world*, shipping charges will be calculated at the time of order submission.

We are at your disposal! Feel free to contact us via the web form on the website

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