Your guide to the world of fine wines

The latest technological trends are breaking into the wine industry, and Enprimeur is actively implementing modern solutions that make investing and collecting fine wine much easier.

This opens up unique opportunities to utilize blockchain technology in the real asset sector.

Enprimeur brings together experienced professionals with decades of experience in premium wines and innovative technologies. Our mission is to share a passion for wine and help clients find the perfect wines for investment and collecting.
We focus on wine procurement and storage and continuously improve our sales and logistics processes.

Thanks to our efficient team, we plan to launch an efficient platform for pre-sale wine auctions in the near future, issuing our own tokens for web3 projects that can bridge online and offline processes.

We are full of confidence in the future. Our experienced team, successful investments and blockchain innovations allow us to gain leadership in the premium wine sales segment.


Our entire team create common well balanced emotional practical intellect which produce effectively worked deals for our clients.

Damien Durant

Founder & CEO

Lucas Leclair


Jean Paul Lambert

Sales Director

Emeric Royer

Finance & Operations

Beatrice Deniau

Marketing & Content

Julien Xiu

Account Manager

Mireille Lesauvage

Account Manager

Eloise Marion

Social Media & Designer

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