Chateau Haut-Brion 2023

Format : a case of 6 bottles (0.75 L)

€325.00 / bottle (0.75 L)

JS (99-100)

Assemblage 2023

Merlot 52.3%, Cabernet sauvignon 38.6%, Cabernet franc 9.1%

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Chateau Haut-Brion





Bottle size

0.75 L


a case of 6 Bottles (0.75 L)

Chateau Haut-Brion 2023

Winter was characterized by rain and relatively cold temperatures. As soon as the vines budded in mid-March, growth was vigorous, aided by regular rainfall and warm days. This rapid growth required close attention from our vineyard teams to maintain vine health. Thanks to the dedication of our winegrowers and the advantageous location of the vineyard, which ensures good ventilation and minimal leaf moisture, mildew pressure was kept under control throughout the season. Flowering occurred under ideal conditions, promising a bountiful harvest.

The year necessitated increased green harvesting efforts, including extensive thinning and leaf removal on the east-facing side of the vineyard, covering over half of the vineyard area. Trimming was limited to preserve soil coolness and grape shade. 2023 demanded precision and agility in vineyard management from our teams, showcasing the strength of this exceptional terroir in delivering a generous, high-quality harvest.

Harvesting of red grapes commenced on September 6, amidst hot weather. Grape ripeness was excellent across all varieties, with highly concentrated grapes rich in sugars and phenolic compounds. The berries were simultaneously fresh and ripe, bursting with flavor. The abundant harvest extended into early October, under summer-like temperatures. Despite the heatwave, the vintage retained its fresh, fruity character.

The wine displays a beautiful deep, dark red color with purple highlights. The nose is initially subtle, revealing a complex, nuanced aromatic profile of ripe red and black fruits upon agitation. Hints of licorice and smoke, indicative of a fine vintage, are already present. The palate is remarkably smooth and immediately impactful, evolving into a powerful yet flavorful experience, culminating in a long, fragrant finish. Undoubtedly, a great Haut-Brion vintage!

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Chateau Haut-Brion 2023Chateau Haut-Brion 2023