Chateau Lagrange 2023

Format : a case of 6 bottles (0.75 L)

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JS (95-100)

Assemblage 2023

Cabernet Sauvignon 84%, Merlot 16%

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Chateau Lagrange





Bottle size

0.75 L


a case of 6 Bottles (0.75 L)

Description of Chateau Lagrange 2023


Located entirely in the Saint-Julien commune, the Chateau Lagrange vineyard spans 118 hectares of single-plant red vines, planted on two north-south-facing gravel hilltops. The domaine boasts a clay-limestone subsoil, a silicogravel soil, and enjoys a temperate, oceanic climate.

The Millennium

Appearances were deceptive in 2023: precipitation mainly fell outside the vine’s growing season, replenishing the soil’s water reserves. As a result, the year was warm and early, leading to the perfect ripening of the grapes. The expertise of our technical teams allowed us to navigate the challenges of June and prepare effectively for the summer and harvest seasons. The serenity during the harvest was evident in the beaming faces of the teams, who were finally rewarded with a generous harvest of perfectly healthy grapes. A record 113 lots were harvested, which will enable us to further refine our precision blending.

A Word from the Oenologist

The Merlots, which account for 16% of the blend, are ripe and rich, contrasting with the density, freshness, and concentration of the 84% Cabernet Sauvignon. These two distinct profiles both oppose and complement each other, creating a tension that defines the wine. On the nose, fresh fruit notes dominate, with blackcurrant, morello cherry, and licorice standing out. The pressed wines, essential to crafting a great wine, are sumptuous and provide the third dimension needed for longevity. With 42% of Château Lagrange’s production making the final selection, we can guarantee a wine of impeccable quality. While some may see the challenge of the Chateau Lagrange 2023 vintage as competing with the exceptional 2022, we view it as a remarkable vintage in its own right. This year also marks a significant celebration of 40 years under the stewardship of our Japanese owner.


  • Dates: September 13 to October 7, 2023
  • Method: Hand-picked, with the first sorting by hand and the second sorting by optical camera

Average Age of Vines: 45 years.

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