Chateau Lascombes 2023

Format : a case of 6 bottles (0.75 L)

€53.33 / bottle (0.75 L)

Wine Independent – L. Perrotti 94/100

Assemblage 2023

Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 37%, Petit verdot 1%, Cabernet Franc 2%

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Chateau Lascombes





Bottle size

0.75 L


a case of 6 Bottles (0.75 L)

Chateau Lascombes 2023 Description

Chateau Lascombes 2023 : Back to the Roots

Chateau Lascombes 2023 marks my first vintage at Lascombes, a journey into the origins and rich history of the estate. With this exceptional terroir, which we must now work to shape for the future, we began our task as artisans of the land. Upon my arrival, amidst the almost tropical atmosphere of the vegetative cycle and after a beautiful flowering, we made meticulous choices in the vineyard. This included careful foliage management to counter disease risks by aerating the bunches while protecting them from excess light, and adjusting the harvest load to ensure the grapes ripened well while preserving the freshness of the fruit.

The harvest, which began on September 7 and lasted five weeks, allowed us to pick each plot at the perfect level of ripeness. For me, after a long detour through Italy, the time had come to return to my roots: to listen to the raw material and decode the pure, natural expression of a unique terroir, whose exploration and understanding will require patience, humility, and perseverance. I was quickly charmed by the vibrant fruit of the Cabernet Francs. The Merlots required careful selection but revealed their crispness and great finesse after vinification. Gentle extractions allowed the Petit Verdot to express its fruity yet tannic character. The complexity, elegance, and refined tannins of the Cabernet Sauvignons pay tribute to the historic terroir of Lascombes. These elements naturally guided us to the blend of a Château Lascombes 2023 of uprightness, classicism, and silkiness. Isn’t this the definition of the Margaux style I’ve come to rediscover?”


From September 7 to October 9, hand-picked in several passes according to the degree of ripeness of the plots, with meticulous sorting in the vineyard and vat room.


Gentle infusion with a maceration period of 20 to 30 days, determined by daily tastings.

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