Le Dragon de Quintus 2023

Format : a case of 6 bottles (0.75 L)

€20.00 / bottle (0.75 L)

JS (95-100)

Assemblage 2023

Merlot 71.6%, Cabernet franc 28.4%

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Chateau Quintus





Bottle size

0.75 L


a case of 6 Bottles (0.75 L)

Description Le Dragon de Quintus 2023

The 2023 season at Chateau Quintus began with a mild winter, with February being the only notably colder month compared to previous years. Spring brought low nighttime temperatures and high humidity, which persisted until May before giving way to heavy rainfall in June. Despite these conditions, the flowering process was swift and successful, producing beautiful bunches.

Throughout the vegetative season, the vineyard experienced almost tropical conditions, leading to significant vine growth. The vineyard teams were highly proactive, employing green harvesting techniques to maintain the health of the vines through frequent trimming and mowing of the plant cover between rows. Essential practices like gradual leaf thinning on the sunrise side were implemented across nearly all plots to enhance bunch aeration. Additionally, bunch disentangling, an annual task, was particularly crucial in 2023 to ensure even veraison.

A cool summer transitioned into a hot, dry autumn, with temperatures rising sharply, allowing the grapes to achieve perfect ripeness and concentration. Harvesting began on September 12 with the young Merlot vines, guided by meticulous berry tastings in the vineyard. This careful selection process was critical for the intra-parcel selection, directing each micro-parcel to the appropriate vat room. Each of the estate’s three wines is vinified in its specific vat room, tailored to the potential of the grapes.

The adaptation of vineyard practices and the resilience of the teams resulted in a high-quality harvest. The juices immediately showcased a beautiful aromatic palette, balancing freshness and complexity. The Quintus Nord terroirs, in particular, produced wines of exceptional finesse and elegance.

Tasting Notes Le Dragon de Quintus 2023

Le Dragon de Quintus 2023 presents a dark, intense wine-red color. The initial nose is subtle yet captivating, revealing depth and ripe fruit upon swirling, along with a refreshing note. The attack is soft and tender, with a fruity and fragrant profile. The wine progresses with consistent freshness and fruitiness, displaying a smooth, rounded palate and a persistently fresh and savory finish. The tannins gracefully fade, leaving behind lingering aromas. This Dragon is irresistibly engaging!

Harvest Period

  • Start: September 12, 2023

Vineyard Practices

  • Green Harvesting: Frequent trimming and mowing
  • Leaf Thinning: Gradual on the sunrise side for aeration
  • Bunch Disentangling: Crucial for even veraison
  • Berry Tasting: Guided intra-parcel selection and vinification

Climate Summary

  • Winter: Mild, with February colder than previous years
  • Spring: Low nighttime temperatures, high humidity
  • Summer: Cool
  • Autumn: Hot and dry, perfect for ripening

Soil Type

  • Terroirs: Quintus Nord – particularly fine and elegant wines

Le Dragon de Quintus 2023 exemplifies the estate’s dedication to combining traditional viticulture with modern precision, resulting in a wine that is both sophisticated and approachable, showcasing the unique qualities of its terroir.



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Le Dragon de Quintus 2023Le Dragon de Quintus 2023