EnPrimeur Experience: Discover the Essence of Wine Investment

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Best price

Buying wine En Primeur allows you to buy wines at an advance price.

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Exclusive Offer

Exclusive and prestigious wines for purchase, allocations of small-productions wines.

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Hard to find

For the best wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy, always in high demand.

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Confirmed origin - all bottles are redeemed directly from the winery.

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Fine wines have a high investment appeal and profitable

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Fine wines have always been of particular value.

Our journey has began when a group of sommeliers and wine aficionados set out to create a wine company like no other.

EnPrimeur Wine was born from a shared passion for excellence and the pursuit of rare, fine bottles.

Committed to ensuring the provenance and secure storage of our collection, we meticulously track each bottle from the winemaker to our wine warehouse. Our focus now is on creating convenient conditions for secondary sales and storage, with plans to launch sales through NFT smart contracts, enabling seamless ownership transfers in the future.

In today’s market, tokenization of products is imperative to preserve provenance and ensure wine safety, especially given the fast-paced nature of transactions. Recognizing this, we’re poised to explore and develop digitization of wine collections, simplifying cellar management and making acquiring valuable bottles as easy as possible.

With blockchain and smart contract technologies advancing, we integrate these tools into the wine industry. 

At En Primeur Wine Company, we believe wine transcends mere beverage status – it’s a story waiting to be lived.

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